Before exercise, the body needs to be well hydrated and properly fueled. During exercise, nutrients can be depleted especially if good nutrition is not practiced in the days leading up to a workout or competition. After exercise, muscles stores of carbohydrate need to be replenished, fluids need to be restored, and protein is needed to repair muscles and get ready for the next day. The G Series from Gatorade was developed to do just that – give athletes, like you, hydration and fuel before, during and after your practice or game.

2017 Events

  • June 6Orlando, FL
  • June 12Phoenix, AZ
  • June 28San Francisco, CA
  • June 29Sacramento, CA
  • August 3Philadelphia, PA
  • August 9Boston, MA

Gatorade Heat Safety Kit

Many factors contribute to heat-related illnesses, which can occur when an individual is subjected to extreme temperatures and humidity, is unable to cool down or is dehydrated. Learn more in the 2017 Gatorade Heat Safety Kit