You are all here to improve your basketball skills and should be proud of yourselves for your dedication to the sport of basketball. But just as important to your game is how you take care of your body. To get the most out of your body, you need to focus on what fuel and nutrients you’re taking in before, during and after workouts.

Before exercise, the body needs to be well hydrated and properly fueled. During exercise, nutrients can be depleted especially if good nutrition is not practiced in the days leading up to a workout or competition. After exercise, muscles stores of carbohydrate need to be replenished, fluids need to be restored, and protein is needed to repair muscles and get ready for the next day. The G Series from Gatorade was developed to do just that – give athletes, like you, hydration and fuel before, during and after your practice or game.


For peak performance while training or playing on the court, athletes need carbohydrates. Without sufficient carbohydrate, athletes will have a lack of energy, muscle fatigue, lack of clear thinking and will be unable to work at high intensities. The timing of your pre-training/pre-game nutrition makes a difference. A good rule is to base food consumption on the time of the event. Ideally, an athlete should eat a pre-event meal two to three hours before practice or games containing 200-300 grams of carbohydrate, lean protein, low in fat and 12 to 20 ounces of fluid. If the practice or game is early in the morning or after school and there is no time to eat a meal, choose an easy-to-digest, convenient snack that is high in carbohydrate within the hour before exercise. One example of that is Gatorade 01 Prime, the first part of the G Series; it gives you the energy you need to provides the muscle and brain energy through carbohydrates.


Your energy needs are obviously not done once the game or practice begins. Keep foods and fluids on hand for quick fueling and rehydration. Take advantage of time outs and halftime to eat or drink, and every time the sports bottle is handed to you by a trainer, take several swallows of a sports drink. Develop a drinking strategy to maintain your body weight by drinking before, during and after practice or games. As an athlete you also sweat and sweat contains more than just water, it contains sodium and other electrolytes. As you sweat heavily during long practice or games, you need to replace those electrolytes through foods and/or fluids. You all have likely grown up with Gatorade Thirst Quencher, also known as Gatorade 02 Perform, the second part of the G Series. It provides fluids, carbohydrate for working muscles and electrolytes (including sodium) to replenish what your body loses in sweat.


As we know, throughout the season, most athletes train or compete every day whether it at practices, games or both. To stay in top form, athletes need to replenish nutrients and replace fluid losses to get ready for the next workout or competition. Recovery nutrition is critical for repairing, replacing and restoring what was lost in a hard workout or game. The best time to start the recovery process is 30 to 60 minutes after your game or practice is over. Right after exercise, the body is geared up to replace lost nutrients and this immediate post-exercise period has been called the “window of opportunity.” Therefore, you need to rehydrate, rebuild and replenish what your body has lost. A mix of fluid, carbohydrate and protein are needed for recovery. The third and final part of the G Series is Gatorade 03 Recover and contains all of those elements you need for post-exercise recovery. Gatorade 03 Recover will give you the recommended 10-20 grams of protein your muscles need to repair themselves and get ready for the next game or practice.